Luke is the co-founder and executive director of 3rd Street Beat Studios: Edmonton’s first all Hip Hop dance studio. He is an extremely talented choreographer, instructor, and stage performer whose style and presence make him one of the most unique artists around. Luke’s classes are the perfect blend of fun, fast learning, innovative choreography, with a bit of humour attached to it.

Luke is also a creative, dynamic and spontaneous director who pushes his performers to the next level. Combining a keen knowledge of dance and theatre, as well as a passion for teaching, he has influenced the lives of all those around him. Luke’s work is characterized by its numerous collaborative projects including the Hip Hop For Hope Benefit Series, the Artists Emerge dance competition & The Shadow Twins Performance Company. Luke is dedicated to advancing the presence of hip hop in our culture, directing initiatives to bring hip hop into the community and performance opportunities that introduce todays youth to the arts. Luke co-wrote, directed, produced and co-choreographed the Hip Hop Saved my Life China production that toured Mainland China from July – August 2010.

Specializing In

  • Funk Styles: Popping, Locking, Animation, Old-School

  • R&B

  • New-School


  • Boys 2 Men, Shawn Desman, Massari, Ginuwine, Chris Brown, and 112…

  • Trained under: Electric Boogaloos Suga Pop and Poppin Pete as well as the Originality Lockers