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Class Pricing

Pricing is based on the amount of hours a student dances per week at 3SB.
Once all the registered hours/week are added up that determines how much you pay per month. Pricing is based per student
This pricing schedule pertains to Non-Competitive, Competitive and Technical Classes

Fees Due at Registration

  1. $30 Registration Fee per student
  2. 1st & Last Month Tuition
  3. $65 Costume Deposit per class (if applicable)

Monthly Payment Methods Accepted

  • Post Dated Cheques: Cheques dated for the 1st of each month (Oct – May) are due by Oct 1, 2014.
  • Credit Cards:  3% Transaction fee
  • Cash:  Tuition must be paid 3 months at a time

Classes with Separate Pricing

The classes below have separate pricing & cannot be combined with the pricing table on this page. This is due to flights, wage and accommodations for out-of-town teachers.
Click on the class names below to view their separate pricing & conditions.

Drop-In Class Pricing: $20 per class or $65/month

Save $15 each month by paying monthly!

Click here to view Drop-In Classes

Pricing Caps